Bon Voyage! Family River Cruise July 31, 2017

Just curious about our fellow travelers....this is an extended vacation for our family, 13 of us traveling together, including a boy of 9 and girls 11 and 16, and several twenty-somethings. We are looking forward to this experience as a family and to meeting new people!


  • Nancy, just a suggestion, if you want to meet others on your cruise try to resist the inclination to eat all your meals with your family, always sit together on the bus, etc.

    We just finished a tour that included a family of 8. Seemly very nice people who were enjoying their tour, but the rest of us had very little opportunity to interact with them. They always ate together, toured together, etc. By the end of the tour the rest of us had had several meals together, knew one another by name, etc.

    Enjoy you cruise.

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