Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia. 2/6/2017

Is anybody out there going on this trip? We're from New York and we]re arriving two days prior to the trip and staying in Hong Kong for 4 days following.
Barbara & Stan


  • What airlines are you flying?
  • How long will you spend on this trip in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand? What kind of tourism do you want to enjoy? Relaxing, Exploring, Trekking...?
  • We're on a January trip and we're flying JAL to/from Vancouver Canada.
  • We're on Cathy Pacific arriving in Hanoi 2/4/17 prior to 2/6 tour of Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. Any suggestions for one free day in Hanoi. We're probably not going to Halong Bay.
    Barbara & Stan

  • Hi Stanley,

    My wife, Mary Jo and I will be on that trip. We're arriving on Feb 3, traveling to Halong Bay for a couple days, then back to Hanoi for the 6th. Looking forward to meeting all going on the trip.

  • We are also arriving from Boston on Feb 4th at the Sofitel Hotel and plan to sightsee around Hanoi and the local area for the two days prior to the tour. We aren't planning a two day trip to Halong Bay, beautiful as it probably is, and doubt that a 6 hour ride back and forth in a single day will make that excursion worthwhile. Perhaps we early arrivals might meet at the hotel on Feb 4th by leaving a message at the hotel desk.
    Judy & Bob
  • Dear Judy and Bob,
    We, too are arriving from New York on Feb 4th. at about noon and not planning any formal excursions. We'll leave our name at the desk as well.
    Barbara & Stan
  • Mary Jo and I (Bob) are on that trip. arriving on feb 3, going to HaLong Bay on the 4/5. Looking to meet up with others.
  • Dear Barbara and Stan,
    Perhaps we are taking the same flight from Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific arriving in Hanoi at 9:40am). We will leave our names at the Sofitel desk as well. We look forward to meeting you (and any others who may be arriving early). We have plans to sightsee in and around Hanoi during the extra days.
    Judy and Bob
  • Dear Judy and Bob,
    Our plane from Hong Kong to Hanoi departs at 8:40 AM and is due to land in Hanoi at 9:55 AM. There are probably more than one flight from Hong Kong to Hanoi. We're getting really excited!
    Looking forward to meeting you.
    Barbara & Stan
  • Hi Everyone,

    I thought I would continue the conversation about this lovely trip. I am traveling with Tauck on the trip that begins March 3, 2017. I am flying in to Hanoi on March 1 and doing a half day city tour that includes some food tasting. Did anyone do a food tasting tour? How did you stomach handle it?

    The following day I am off to Hulong Bay for the over night cruise that the forum was raving about.

    I would love some feedback from those that have returned from the trip...

    1. With the heat and humidity, did you think bottled water was readily available or did any one bring their own treatment system?

    2. How are the mosquitoes? My outdoor hiking center thought I should pretreat my clothes before I arrive in SE Asia. I did not do that for my trip to Africa so I thought that was over kill. What did you find?

    3. When entering temples did you find that you needed to cover your full legs with a skirt or pants or could I wrap a light shawl around my waist that would fall below my knees?

    4. Hairdryers in the rooms?

    I would love to hear from anyone taking the trip as well as those that can answer some of my questions.

    Happy travels,

    Regina [email protected]

  • Hi Regina,
    I did a Street Food Walking tour (through prior to my Indochina was fabulous!! Our guide was lovely and her English was great! Not only did she take us to a number of restaurants and street stalls, but she gave us insight into the Vietnamese people. She was articulate, quite forthcoming and interested about life in America. She was a wealth of information....and she taught us how to cross the street!! We ate everything - and 3 of us had no stomach problems other than being too full!! At one of the stops, we were able to do a little cooking! I highly recommend!

    I was in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in late December. HaLong Bay was very unique and well worthwhile.

    Re: temples
    Shoulders needed to be friend wore a dress that almost came to her knees and this was not a problem.

    Have a wonderful time!!
  • Hi Regina,

    Halong Bay is a very beautiful place to visit, plus the tours are very fabulous. Touring alone might not help you understand everything about that place and the tour guides are very accommodating. Do cover your legs and shoulders when entering temples. It means respect to the sacred temples.

    Also, do not forget to visit Cambodia. It's worth visiting and very cheap. :)
  • It's so alarming to me that people on the forum are putting their personal emails onto this forum when Tauck guidelines ask that you do not do it. There are more and more spammers on this forum and they can see those email addresses! The comment above as an example.
  • Perhaps I missed the guideline that forbids posting personal emails. As I read it, the guideline states not to post anyone else's info and posting your own is at your own discretion. I have posted my email in the past and fortunately it has never been abused. In fact, I have had some lengthy correspondence with others off the Forum. Then again, there seem to be many more spammers recently, so if a personal email is posted be prepared to block any unwanted return emails.
  • blankb1 wrote:
    Mary Jo and I (Bob) are on that trip. arriving on feb 3, going to HaLong Bay on the 4/5. Looking to meet up with others.
    Bob and Mary Jo, did you enjoy Halong Bay? Was it worth it after the long flight? What tour company did you use? My husband and I are going in December and I think I would like to see Halong Bay as long as we are going to be in Vietnam!
    Thanks for any advice you can give us!
    Sherry & Larry
  • Halong Bay trip is worth a visit. You can do overnight on a junk or Cat Ba island or Titop island. Have a nice trip!
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