Visit to School of St. Jude in Arusha before trip

Has anyone ever scheduled a visit to the School of St. Jude in Arusha before the Tauck Tanzania tour begins? We are arriving a day early in Arusha and not sure that we are going to get our fill of school visits during the Tauck tour. I have heard so much about the school of St. Jude but not sure if I can just wait until I arrive to have the hotel help me arrange? Or do I need to arrange in advance?


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    Have you gone to the school’s website where all info and questions can be answered. It even says how much the taxi is from Arusha airport $50 to $70.
    I would also check that the school is not on a holiday break when you plan to visit Tanzania. I suggest this website is your first port of call and I would also book it in advance. I would also suggest you arrive in Arusha several days early, not just the day before. It is common to have an unschedule afternoon meeting of the tour group on the day before the tour as it leaves early the next morning.
  • I can not comment on St Jude school; however, a word of advice from my completed trip. If you do visit St Judes, take something for the school and plan to leave a donation. Not many ATM in Tanzania so take some cash. It is also a tip oriented economy so I recommend a lot of $1.00 bills; take no bills larger than a $10.00 unless you plan to pay hotel and resort bills by cash in which case larger bills are OK. Credit cards are accepted in most of the tourist venues, even in the tented camps.

    Enjoy, an amazing country and experience.
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