Stop overs in Hong Kong + Singapore....where to stay? What to do?

In early 2017, I am going on the Portrait of India tour by way of Hong Kong and Singapore. I have my 3 days in Hong Kong tentatively organized with things/places I never got to on my previous trip to HK-- The Peak, the Star Ferry, Lamma Island for hiking and dinner and Shenzhem (yes, I know I need a visa). Any thoughts about going to Macau - the casinos hold no interest to me...anything else?? I have my Hong Kong hotel arranged-The Mira Hotel.

Singapore is a complete unknown to me. I will have 2 days there. I think I want to visit the Botanic Gardens, take a skywalk, take a food tour, have a Singapore Sling at Raffles...any other thoughts and recommendations? And where to stay? Raffles is too pricy. I stayed at Raffles hotels in Cambodia and loved them. I will hold off on super fabulous hotels until the Tauck trip begins in India! But I want great location and a lovely upscale hotel.


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    I worked in Singapore for 5 years and traveled there a lot before that. My office always booked visitors in the Regent Singapore. It is a lovely Four Seasons Hotel and just off Orchard Road.
    If you want to get a flavor of old Singapore I suggest you take a walking tour. I know there are a number of these available to areas like Chinatown, Little India and the Arab Quarter.
    Enjoy your trip.
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    One place in Singapore that was popular (for the life of me I don't know why?!?!?! and mainly for children???) many years ago when I was in the Navy is Tiger Balm Gardens (also called Haw Par Villa.) Built by the Awl family, inventors/owners of Tiger Balm (think Asian Ben Gay). It was a sprawling garden of sorts with walkways that lead you to 1,000 statues and 150 giant allegorical/fantasy/religious painted concrete dioramas about Chinese folklore, legends, history and illustrations of various aspects of Confucianism. A lot of good vs evil themes- "Ten Courts of Hell" (intended to scare the bejeesus out of the kids and encourage them to behave?). Admission is free.

    Other than that and the places already mentioned, I didn't find much of interest there, unless you are a shopper, and even then. . . .
  • I only spent 24 hours in Singapore when we visited a work colleague of my husband's on our way to Japan, stayed in their home, very nice, they had a Philippino servent who they treated like a dog, she lived in the laundry room outback! I remember being appalled by that, most of all. We were taken into the 'jungle', remember little about that, and also visited the Night time zoo which we loved, and I recommend, our young children were with us. But other than that it was a concrete jungle with expensive shops. I am glad to read that Alan found it similar because we feel strange that we did not like it when it gets such glowing reports. However, the airport was awesome!
  • Thank you so much for your suggestions and insights. From your comments, it seems as if my initials thoughts about visiting Singapore are correct-- a nice place to stop over for a day or so. I agree with Alan and British - it seems very concrete and beyond the gardens and the zoo, not too much to see. Since I will be in the 'neighborhood' and the flights from Hong Kong to Singapore to Delhi are actually less expensive (point-wise) than going directly from NYC to Delhi, it seems worth a 48 hour visit. I will definitely look into the Regent Singapore. I will probably skip Tiger Balm Garden (sounds a bit creepyz), but I love the idea of the Night Zoo. It is unique and the heat won't be as intense.

    It is wonderful being able to hear from other travelers on the forum ... Very helpful. Thank you all!
  • Hey, when i started in Singapore and Hong Kong I used serviced apartments - considerably cheaper than hotels. Check out this one, its the one I used. . Don't look at luxury serviced apartments those have crazy high costs.
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