Ireland & Great Britain - July 2018

Can anyone confirm the "dress" codes for dinners and some tours? The suggested suit and tie for most men really wear a suit and tie? It's difficult enough to pack for 14 days without a suit. :-)

Also, are jeans suitable for during the day tours?



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    Perhaps I am missing something, but your tour says jacket and tie ( a bit more forgiving than suit) but also states not required. I do notice that the Dublin hotel mentions a Michelin star restaurant, so that might mean a jacket is needed. Then again, you might not opt for that dining experience. You could check their web site for more info. We just returned from ESW and a Week in Ireland, and, as usual, my husband refused to bring the suggested jacket. That was fine for the ESW trip, but when we arrived at Dromoland Castle we noticed a jacket was required. Our TD said not to worry. My husband had a nice woven shirt and slacks on. We were seated without fuss, and after a few minutes the maitre D’ discretely slipped a jacket over the back of his chair. Problem solved.
    Oh, and jeans are suitable for day tours, in fact, probably the most common gear aside from the ubiquitous black slacks which are good for days and evenings!
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