China, the Yangtze River & Hong Kong Trip, - what time will we arrive at the hotel in Hong Kong

Does anyone know what time we are supposed to get to our hotel in Hong Kong on October 31? The itinerary says that we will arrive in the "afternoon" and have the rest of the day and evening at leisure. We have found a very nice evening tour that we would like to take (Discover Hong Kong from sky, sea, and land on an action-packed, 6-hour evening tour. After a hotel pickup, you’ll ride on the Hong Kong Observation Wheel to see Victoria Harbour from above. Travel to the bustling Temple Street market in Kowloon, then sit down to a gourmet buffet of international dishes aboard the Harbour Cruise Bauhinia. Live music and dancing cap off your evening in Hong Kong). This sounds like a great tour, but don't want to make non-refundable reservations until we feel confident that we'll be in Hong Kong early enough!!!


  • One of the things that concerns me is that I've looked at the travel kit from VisaCentral, and it indicates we are on flight MU723. But, THAT flight supposedly leaves Shanghai at 16:30 and arrives in Hong Kong at 21:30. To me, 9:30 pm is definitely not an afternoon arrival!!!!
  • I was on this trip last year. I believe we got to the hotel around 5-6 PM. Our tour director offered an optional orientation walk of the hotel/shopping mall complex (we were at the Four Seasons Hong Kong, which has since changed), and we were on our own after that. If you want to be certain, call Tauck. They can look up stuff like that quickly.
  • We were on this tour three weeks ago (you are in for a treat btw, as the trip was excellent). We were in our rooms at the Ritz Carlton Kowloon by 4PM, with the optional orientation tour at 4:30. Our flight from Shanghai was FM507 departing at 11:40 AM. We were told that previously Tauck had used a flight that left much later, and got in during the evening. They switched when able to an earlier flight which made for better use of the day, but a much earlier bag pickup. In fact, I just checked and the itinerary we were given for VisaCentral did list MU723, just like you, but as noted, we ended up on FM507. I believe another flight during the tour was different as well compared to the advance itinerary.

    Our itinerary for the day was:

    6:30 AM Breakfast (bags were out at 6:00 AM)

    7:30 AM Departure

    8:40 High Speed Train to Shanghai Airport

    9:00 AM Airport arrival and check in

    11:40 Flight FM 507 Shanghai to HK

    3:15 PM Drive from Airport to hotel

    4:00 Free time - dinner not included

    Make sure your private tour booking is refundable, then verify with your Tour Director at the beginning of the trip.

    Enjoy your trip
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