Need Advice for Do's and Don'ts

Going on Canyonlands tour Sept.17, 2017. Any advice on what not to bring or wear and what is a must have (besides comfortable shoes and a camera!).
A little nervous about the airplane ride.


  • Don't be afraid of the airplane ride, it's smooth and fabulous. No need to dress up, you are in the National parks. Rooms are clean but basic, but of course right in the parks. Great for early morning and evening photos. It will be cool early morning and evenings, take layers. The most spectacular thing that happened on our tour was when a thunderstorm began just as we were descending down into Zion. Suddenly huge waterfalls of water started pouring over the canyon sides above and around us and it made us realize how quickly a flash flood could happen.
  • Great advice from British. I was nervous about the airplane ride, too, but it was wonderful. The only other thing I would add is to take a heavier jacket just in case--Bryce Canyon is at very high elevation and it snowed during our time there in mid-April. I was SO glad I had thrown in my down jacket! You might check the forecasted temps there before you leave.; maybe it will still be summer weather.
  • If you want to take your camera or phone on the rafting trip, you will need some type of waterproof bag - Our tour director did have some ziplock bags available. There was some spray at times - so you will need some protection for yourself as well if the weather is cooler. We just returned and it was quite warm when we were there so the spray was welcome. Layering is the way to go as you are constantly moving up and down in elevation on some of the days and there is definite temperature variation. A good sunhat is also a plus as the sun is quite intense. Also, I am not generally crazy about small aircraft, but the flight was really enjoyable - if you have not taken the option to go to Monument Valley, you really should.
  • We are on the September 1 tour. For those that have done this trip, is the float trip through calm waters. Would we need to wear a poncho and what do we wear on our feet. We have been on a few float trips where they give you ponchos and boots but we wondered about this one. I understand the need for the waterproof bag for phones and cameras but if you want to take a picture, it has to come out of the bag. Are there times when it is so smooth that picture taking is doable?
  • The float trip on the Canyonlans tour near Lake Powell is on calm waters. No one one our trip used a plastic device for their cameras. You don't need one unless you are planning to drop it in the water.

    No ponchos or protective clothing is needed. Most everyone wore sneakers or other walking shoes.

    This float is entirely calm with flat waters, there are no rapids or rough rides.

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