Dinner at the Citadel National Historic Site

Anyone ever attended the dinner here and what to where?


  • You mean what to wear I assume?
  • pantoufle wrote:
    Anyone ever attended the dinner here and what to where?

    I have not done this tour, however I have been to the Citadel twice. It is an old fortress so I would recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and in particular comfortable shoes. What I remember is that the ground is not always even. There were also some "rougher" areas due to the many people that have walked there over the years. It was not difficult, on the whole, walking around within the fortress, but it is that - a fortress.
  • We are doing this trip on September 1st. Cannot wait
  • We just did this in June. The tour is not long, but all outside. It was a very good talk about the Citadel, not a tour of all the buildings. Most people dressed "nicely", and some men wore jackets. They were appetizers and drinks in one of the buildings after our little tour and demonstration, then dinner followed. It was an amazing dinner considering it had to be catered in. We thoroughly enjoyed it and it was a fun time getting to know our fellow traveling companions.

  • CathieOK. We are leaving on this tour July 22 after a long travel interruption due to Covid. So excited. Thanks for your information.

  • We dined at the citadel last night. Wear comfortable shoes becsuse it is a fortress and certainly not meant for heels or pumps. Most on this tour wore some sort of flat shoe. The meal was just ok in my opinion.

  • Did this a few years ago. The citadel outside tour and the cocktail meet and greet were done well. The catered meal was a bust. The service was slow and disjointed. The food left much to be desired. This is not a good way to begin a tour. Tauck should do this as two events. Conduct the citadel tour and then head to a restaurant for the meal.

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