Antarctica Dec 2,, 2018

My husband and I are on this trip. Anyone else?


  • My husband Steve and I are also on this trip! We are starting to get excited!
  • We will be on this trip. We are in Austin Texas. -- Scott, Dian, & Steve
  • Hello, and yes myself and a friend are going on the December 2nd trip. Can't wait!!! Sounds exciting! We are going to Santiago a day in advance. Anyone else?
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    Suzanne & I (Paul) will be on this trip, along with our friends Dawn & John Penner. We are all from Toronto, Ontario and this will be our fourth Tauck trip. Our previous ones were: Tanzania & Kenya, India and a riverboat cruise from Budapest to Bucharest.

    We will be arriving in Santiago early and departing Buenos Aires a bit late, as we want to see both cities. As a grand finale to the trip, I am hoping to find an outstanding steak restaurant in Buenos Aires. Apparently, that task should not be too difficult!

    I am an amateur, but avid photographer and am looking forward to taking lots of photos on this trip.

    I can be reached at paul(at)psk(dash)

  • Have you allowed time to get through immigration, customs, travel time to the hotel, rush hour traffic? It seems a tight time schedule. Also, often on Tauck tours you can check into your room that early anyway. I’m not saying don’t take the tour, but allow more time to get there than you seem to be planning.
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    I’ve not been to Valparaiso, but I have been to Vina del Mar, which is a resort town north of there. Very nice. Santiago was one of my regular routes, but I don’t remember how long it took to get from airport to hotel. I was usually asleep in the limo. It sounds doable if the weather is good and your flight is on time. Not something I would personally plan after flying all night. (;-). Actually, the only reason I ended up in Vina del Mar (good deal) was President G.H.W.B. And company had taken over our hotel in Santiago.

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