Antarctic Trip Feb 2019

I will be on the Feb 5 trip to Antarctica . I am from NY. I am getting excited (only 57 days away) but I'm a little nervous since I am a Solo traveler. I think this will be a fantastic trip.


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    My friend Karen Bell and I will be on the same trip. We are arriving one day early. Look us up - we are friendly and always open to meeting and spending time with new people. Karen has traveled as a solo traveler several times. BTW, we are from Southern California.
  • I'm looking forward to meeting you and your friend Karen. I wish I was arriving one day early but I didn't think of it when I was making my reservations. See you in a couple of weeks....
  • Hi Everyone,
    My husband and I will also be on the Feb 5th Antarctica trip. We live in Florida and are flying into Buenos Aires on the 4th. To say we are excited is an understatement; neither one of us have ever been to Antarctica. We look forward to making new friends and enjoying this great adventure. Just a few more days … Let the good times begin … Look forward to meeting everyone! Stay warm … See you soon!
    Thelma :-)
  • We just got back and had a great trip. Weather was good for us and the Drake not as bad! Whales were everywhere! Have fun!
  • Hotels are not as important as whales, but we are on the ‘wish list’ for a future trip. We are interested in evaluations of the hotel experience at the Alveara Art Hotel, versus the Hilton Buenos Aires. I see that the Hilton has queen size beds and the Alvera has kings, but both enjoy five stars. I have been to Buenos Aires many times, so I know that if you are interested in the ‘big’ stores like Harrods, Florida street is the place to be. We are not, but I might want another great leather jacket ... stolen in Dallas. Actually, I can see that the hotels are within a few blocks of each other, so the location is probably not that important. We just returned from Panama where we stayed in the Panama Hilton. We found it to be a bit ‘sterile’ for our.liking, so if anyone had a ‘warm’ experience at the Alveara Art Hotel we would be interested in that.
  • We stayed at the Alvear Palace hotel l in BA, it was excellent.
  • We went to Antartica 6 years ago with another company and it was an amazing trip!! You will love it! I would love to go back!! Enjoy!

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