Grand Canadian Rockies vs Vancouver & the Rockies by Rocky Mountaineer

We are looking at both of these tours, and see the differences at the beginning, e.g. Victoria. I understand the experience going on the Rocky Mountaineer Gold Leaf Service and staying overnight in Kamloops in a hotel is going to be MUCH more comfortable rather than in cramped sleeping accommodations on the VIA Rail's Canadian. While we really enjoy our creature comforts we are going on this trip to enjoy the beautiful Canadian Rockies scenery and the hotels during the rest of the trip are the same. The price difference between the two is $2200pp. Thanks very much for your input!


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    We did the Grand Canadian Rockies and the scenery was spectacular. One night on the Canadian was just enough to say we did it. We got very little sleep and it was quite cramped. The views from the train were lovely and we had reserved seats in the domed car. Whichever one you choose it should be a wonderful experience.

  • We're looking at these as well or doing the Rocky Mountaineer on our own. They have a great website and there are also YouTube videos from travelers showing it and the difference between the Gold and Silver service. I would prefer that to a sleeper as I doubt I'd get any sleep. My concern is the amount of time later in the trip where it seems the main activity is hanging around the hotel. I don't necessarily need guided activities but don't want add on cost ones either.

  • I sure wish they had the recent reviews on the tour page. In the older forums for this trip there is very little in the way of reviews. I also looked at the Rocky Mountaineer site as well as a competitors site. So far for us, Tauck has done a really nice job which is why we start with them.

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