Jewish Heritage-Vienna, Prague, Budapest etc al- recent trippers?

New to Tauck. Would love to hear from someone who did trip in 2019, 2018. Considering for 2020. Max size of group, pace, etc? Highlights, lowlights. Thanks.


  • We took the regular tour without the Jewish heritage a couple of years ago. Their would be so,e opportunity in free time to see some of the Jewish sites and synagogues. Our tour included a very moving trip to Auschwitz.
    I never think there is much advantage to a small group tour. In Europe the bus drivers have to take mandatory breaks, so you are not going to spend less time at stops for bathroom breaks with a smaller group and things like that.

  • I did the "regular" version of this trip in 2017 and it was one of my favorites. I considered doing the Jewish heritage tour, but decided against it as I thought it would be too depressing with the extra concentration camp visit. There was plenty of Jewish heritage on the standard tour. Auschwitz was more than enough (was to Dachau many years ago) along those lines. Great history, architecture, etc. IIRC, there were 36 or so in the group, which was fine. I visited POLIN, included in the Jewish Heritage tour, during free time in Warsaw - a must see. Lowlights (minor) - heat wave (90+F, high humidity) in Budapest, early June, and getting delayed at Auschwitz as the Prime Minister of Sweden and his entourage were in front of us and they kept everyone else away until he cleared each building.

  • It was a fabulous adventure. Went in early September 2018. Weather was wonderful.

    Don’t miss this trip. I did the regular trip. It was well organized and it did include Jewish history.

  • We took this trip in 2018. It is extremely moving, emotional and not to be missed. Focused almost entirely on Jewish culture and history in this part of the world. That being said, it’s not exactly a fun trip, but so worthwhile.

  • Thanks to everyone who responded. The comments were very helpful. Rebecca did you do the Jewish tour or the “standard” which includes many of the same.? Also did you do small group or classic?

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