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  • Hey Ken. Welcome back to the Forum to all and thanks for sharing a few images.

  • Great pictures! Thanks for posting

  • I thought this thread was about sharing (exchanging) photos :)

    FYI, in the other sense of sharing- it appears you can actually use the forum's private message (PM) feature to share (exchange) photos in their original, hi-resolution size. Just attach the photo or photos you want to share to a PM. The recipient can then right click on the photo and save it to a folder on their computer or the desktop (Windows). This gets around the email file size restrictions imposed by many Internet Providers.

    Oh, and Ken, great photos!!! Fantastic shot of the leopard and I love the hippo!!!

  • Thanks for the compliments, everyone. The leopard had been chased up the tree by two hyenas. He was bleeding from his right hip a little. Not sure if the bleeding was why they chased him or the result of the chase. After a while, they lost interest and the leopard came down and bolted. Definately the best shot of the trip.
    As to the hippo, he had been cooling off in the pool you see behind him. Suddenly, he charged out of the pool, stamped his feet and snorted. That's when I took the shot. The driver started the engine and the hippo decided we weren't a threat after all.

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    We had a similar hippo incident on K&T a few years ago. A small pride of lions was walking back and forth in front of a narrow but evidently deep little stream in the Mara, not more than 10 - 15' in front of our vehicles. All at once a hippo that had be hidden from from us and maybe the lions, too, reared up from the stream and bellowed loudly. It startled us and the lions before it waddled off past a small pool to the grass beyond. Two adults (Momma and ?) then crossed the stream with a quick leap. The adult and two juvenile males that didn't cross, nervously paced back and forth for quite awhile. They kept looking back and forth at the stream, the nearby hippo, and then longingly at the other two who had settled down on a grassy mound some distance away. They finally got up enough nerve to attempt a crossing, but did so without the grace and style cats are known for. The adult male did fine, however, one juvenile didn't quite clear the stream and began to rapidly shake the water off one of his rear paws as he climbed the bank, much like domestic cats do when their paws get wet. But, the other juvenile, hesitated at the last moment and totally missed the opposite bank, went splash, and, half-soaked had to claw its way up the bank to join the pride. I missed the hippo shot, however. :(

    The lions and offending hippo:

    "We'll be there soon, maybe . . . . . . ."

    Tail-end Charlie goes for an unintended dip!

  • I tried to capture the best photos in my daily blog that I posted during the tour and safaris:

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