Difference between smaller and larger river boats?

We recently did the Seine river cruise on the smaller boat the Sapphire. We have booked the Rhine cruise on the bigger boat Grace. We very much enjoyed the smaller boat, and wondering if there is much of a difference in experience on the bigger one.


  • I know this has been answered, but there is one more difference between the smaller jewel class boats (Emerald, Sapphire) and the larger boats. I've been on the Emerald twice and the Joy and Inspire once each. The elevators on the larger boats go to all cabin decks, and on the smaller jewel class boats, the elevator only goes between the second and third decks. With my bad knees and booking the single category cabin on the lowest deck, this made a big difference in my last two trips. It was difficult on my French Escapade trip in 2016 to walk up and down the stairs to my deck, but I could do it Last December, I used the elevator all the time even to go one deck on the Joy because my knees were so bad that I couldn't do the stairs.

  • Good point I missed Travelcrazy. I knew they didn't go to the sun deck but have never actually used them. It makes it a real challenge for some when you have to get on or off the ship from the sun deck which has happened multiple times on our cruises.

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