Total Luggage Weight

The 16 day (2021- July) trip has 5 in country flights. What is the weight restriction on these 5 flights. I will have three bags. One is camera gear that is around 22 to 25 pounds.Also what is the best type of luggage to travel with? Hard sided, soft side or duffel.


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    The luggage restrictions are outlined in the "Before you go" section on the web page for this trip. You are limited to one carry-on weighing 15lbs or less and one checked bag weighing 44lbs. or less. During segments of the trip you will take a smaller amount of your luggage in one duffel provided by Tauck (33lbs. total for everything).

  • We take this tour next month. Your total weight allowed in internal flights is in a duffel that Tauck provides And is 33 pounds Your carry on weight is probably as Ken says, I don’t have the info in front of me. No exceptions, you are going on tiny planes and your large bag is left behind twice on the tour and you meet up with it again to repack. You will have to rethink what you take.

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