Booked on 2/6/20 Grand Australia / New Zealand Tour

Can anyone from tours in the last 2-3 weeks comment on the impact of the fires on the tour? Tauck says there have been no distruptions. Only some occasional smoke that clears .


  • We had similar concerns about the protests in HK when we were due to go in October. We saw nothing.Tauck has teams of people all over the planet that monitor these situations. I would be confident about what they tell you. Australian summer is not generally the best time to visit because of the heat and bush fires.

  • My daughter just arrived in Melbourne this morning (independent trip). She said the air is relatively clear there. Being a runner, she always looks at the AQI, which is in the 70s. That's similar to what LA runs on a not great day.

  • I have a friend whose daughter lives near Melbourne. Her daughter has not been impacted by the fires.

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