Trip Starting on 3/29

edited March 2020 in Israel and Jordan

Just curious to know if anyone scheduled for this trip has already cancelled. From the announcement yesterday, apparently from the Israeli government, it seems that Tauck could or should cancel. Moreover, I am concerned that, even if the trip is not cancelled, some of the itinerary will be affected.


  • I think Tauck will amend your itinerary and give you a choice whether to proceed or not. It reminds me of when the Arab Spring erupted. We had met a couple on tour who asked us if we would like to join them on the Egypt tour, we declined, we have no interest in visiting Egypt, we spent years studying anything Egyptian and going to see mummies in museums from elementary school upwards in our English education, we are Egypted out. When everything suddenly happened, they were on the tour. Tauck immediately evacuated everyone and then to make the best of things took them to Greece instead I think it was. They were probably given compensation as well. They had a great time. Same after the Mumbai hotel bombing where Tauck guests were staying, a plane was sent and they were some of the first people evacuated. So far, they have never let us down. Trust their judgement. As I have said before, they don’t want to jump the gun by canceling in case things improve. After all, you’d be just as annoyed if the tour went ahead and you had cancelled, lost your money and everyone had a wonderful time.

  • It is difficult to revise an itinerary when the destination is refusing entrance to all foreigners, the airlines have cancelled flights and some main sights are closed.

  • Just heard from Tauck. The trip is cancelled.

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