Why cancel the stop in Inverness?

We are booked on this sailing eastbound, Glasgow to Edinburgh, in May 2021. Tauck and/or Ponant have changed the itinerary from the 2020 plan so, for us, there will no longer be a stop in Inverness. Instead, we will have a “sea day” running down from the Shetland Islands to Edinburgh on Day 8. Not sure how I feel about a “sea day” on the North Sea. Plus, we were really looking forward to stopping in Inverness. Any advice?


  • Inverness is a nice town. But more importantly, in my opinion, o would not choose to do Scotland via a ship on the North Sea. By land, these cities are about forty miles apart.

  • I expect itineraries will be shifted around quite a bit. I suspect Inverness told Ponant they did not want a cruise ship ... even a small one. If Inverness is important to you, extend your trip a bit and do Inverness by train or car.

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