Rebooking for the Oberammergau?

Our Ultimate Alps and Dolomites/Oberammergau trip in June was cancelled, of course, and we did not push our reservation until 2022. We would love to see the Oberammergau, but I am concerned that by the time we know for sure about a vaccine that is safe and works, the Tauck trips will all be booked. I would just like some input from experienced travelers about whether to go ahead and make the reservation again or not. Maybe that isn’t even a possibility...I have not called to discuss...The Ultimate Alps and Dolomites trip looks fabulous; it had everything we wanted. So I would appreciate your thoughts on rebooking....or waiting. Thanks!


  • Do it or you'll regret it! Remember, along with people who re-book now there will be a whole bunch of new Tauck travelers competing for a limited number of spots. Will you be physically or financially able to travel when the Passion Play comes around in 10 years (from now)?

  • Yes, that’s the conversation we have been having here. Thanks!

  • I took an earlier version of the Alps trip in 2011. It was my first Tauck tour and was fabulous. It really got me hooked on Tauck. It's a trip worth taking, even without the Passion Play.

  • We had booked the Danube with Oberammergau and have moved our reservation to 2022. Our primary reason for the trip was to see the Passion Play and we are concerned we won't be able to handle a trip like that by the time 2030 comes around. We did the Alps and Dolomites tour a few years ago and it is a great trip. They have made a few changes to the itinerary since we went that I think makes it even better. I would encourage you to try to book, especially if seeing the Passion Play is important to you.

  • Thanks for your comments. We have taken two Tauck tours, and both were fabulous. Our small group Italy tour was so wonderful in every way! I think of that trip so often, and we discuss many of the things we saw so frequently.

    Who knows if any of us will be here or able to travel by 2030....or 2032 if they extend the Passion Play? The Ultimate Alps and Dolomites tour looks fabulous even without the play so I will be calling this week to see what is still available. Thanks!

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    SueTimAltoona I recommend you contact Tauck right away if you want to book the Ultimate Alps and Dolomites/Oberammergau Journey in 2022. When your 2020 reservation was cancelled you should have had the option to rebook the same trip in 2022.

    The Tauck policy states "If you’ve already made final payment on your 2020 journey, we’ll honor our 2020 prices and provide you with an added credit of USD $500* per traveler for keeping your funds on account with Tauck."

    If you check the Ultimate Alps and Dolomites 2022 you should note that as of today they are not taking new reservations currently (only 2020 rebooking).

    Based on current practices when you book a Tauck journey that has not been finalized with an itinerary and price Tauck will take your deposit and notify you once details are finalized. In the past tne notice said "you will then have two weeks to cancel without penalty, and receive a full refund of your deposit including the cost of Tauck's Travel Protection (if purchased).

    When my 2020 reservations were cancelled I took the option to rebook all of my reservations for 2021 and waitlisted on two Oberammergau river cruises of my choice in 2022. Indications were that itinerary and price would be confirmed at a later time.

    In April when my reservations were cancelled, two of my 2021 reservations did not have itinerary and price finalized.

    Although I based my above comments on my understanding from current and past information that I received from Tauck when my reservations were cancelled, your Tauck representative will explain to you in detail all current options and policies.

    Oh, by the way, I made my travel decisions based on my current current age, health and life expectancy, and that I may not be physically able to travel in 2022 and beyond.

  • Does anyone who rebooked their Oberammergau 2020 trip know how long you have to make your final decision on your 2022 reservation? I ask because we were not originally able to travel to see the Passion Play this year so we were not booked on either a Tauck river cruise or land tour which include the play. We will be able to go in 2022. I have my name on the waitlist for two of their river cruise which include the play in 2022 and would love to travel with Tauck. Obviously there are numerous other tour options for 2022. If Tauck is giving the rebooked folks from this year two?, three?, six months? from the start date to cancel, we cannot wait that long or the other options out there will already be booked. When I spoke with Tauck and selected my two options (their limit) they did not have a timeline. They just said "when everyone from 2020 has been rebooked."

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    We were booked on a Tauck Passion Play tour-- Swiss Highlands & Bavarian Alps for Sept, but really wanted the Dolomite one, but it was full. When it was cancelled, we tried to book the 2022 Dolomite one and they wouldn't do it, we had to rebook the Swiss Highlands & Bavarian Alps We are hoping to be able to change to the Dolomite one, but it seems very popular.

  • I was not on an Oberammergau trip but may be able to help.

    I went through the COVID-19 updates and did not see anything about a deadline for re-booking Oberammergau trips for 2022. If you read Derek's post above, you'll see that as of June 21, priority was still being given to re-bookings and new bookings weren't eing accepted. I can't imagine that will last much longer, but I would give Tauck a call. Since you are on the waitlists for two tours with Oberammergau extensions, I assume that many or most of the 2022 Oberammergau tours are already technically sold out by re-bookings. As to whether all will travel, that is anyone's guess.

    As Derek also said, you normally have only two weeks from the time Tauck first publishes the departure dates to cancel without penalty. After that the standard cancellation policies will normally apply. It is up to the customer if and when they want to cancel, however. Right or wrong, some people book to hold a spot if they are unsure if they want to travel, and are not concerned about losing the deposit, etc. I haven't looked to see if any or all Oberammergau departure dates are posted.

    I can tell you from experience, that you will be given only two days to decide if you are lucky enough to make it to the top of a waitlist when Tauck calls to tell you there is an opening.

    Again, the real answer to your question is to give Tauck a call.

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