edited November 2020 in Antarctica

We have just been watching an amazing documentary on Antarctica that in my opinion is essential viewing for anyone who is going there. We got it on our Netflix DVD account but it turns out it’s available on Amazon Prime video.

It’s not somewhere we will visit but we just loved watching it. The information and especially the time lapse photography is stunning.


  • British,

    Thanks for sharing this link- terrific movie. Brought back memories of my year with the Seabees. I didn't go to Antarctica then, but the guys in my battalion had just finished a couple of deployments during "summers" there to do construction and had a lot of stories.

    We did a tour there BT (before Tauck) with General Tours and it was fabulous. Wild two day ride crossing Drake Passage but decent weather allowing us to make all planned landings once we made it. Still remember one of our tour group was a lady who was wheelchair bound with MS. Her husband and friends were very supportive so Mary also made 8 of the 10 landings. What a trooper!

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