Canyonlands Small Group Sept 12, 2021

If anyone has recently (June-July 2021) taken this tour, I would appreciate your comments about how Covid restrictions impacted the group. What was it like on the Tauck transportation, Tours and accommodations? Looking forward to your feedback. Thanks.


  • How about any small group USA Tour taken under current Covid restrictions? Thank.

  • Hi BillWinter. I plan on posting this information when we return from this tour if no-one else has already done so. However we are also on the September 12 tour so we will find the answers together, unless we hear from someone on an earlier tour. See you in six weeks.

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    We went on the small group canyon tour in July. It was our first Tauck trip. There were covid challenges primarily as it related to food. The El Tovar was not accepting tour groups for dinner because they were short staffed so we had dinner outside the park at a sub par restaurant. Also because of Covid we had a number of our lunches boxed up and to go or we had to eat in shifts because restaurants could not handle all of us. Lake Powell water level was so low we could not boat on Lake Powell for dinner. Also the slot canyons were not yet open - I think they are open now.

    With all of the Covid hiccups - I still thought it was an amazing tour. Our Tour director was amazing! We stayed in all of the parks with views of the canyons or a short distance to the rim. Because of Covid I felt like we had the Grand Canyon and Bryce to ourselves - no foreign travelers and tours. I booked this tour to get up close to the national parks. We will do another small group national park tour.
    The national park lodges are not five star hotels and the food is not five star quality so if that is important to you, you will be disappointed.

  • Welcome to the forum Salvador! Thank you so much for your review of this tour which we took several years ago now. Boxed lunches would have been fine with me too….maybe not put on as much weight as I usually do on a tour or get too full of rich food 😀, Yes the Park lodges are not five star, but their locations can’t be beat can they. We had been to some of these locations when our children were young but could not stay in some of the parks, it was a pain to have to drive into the parks for the scenery and of course the driver, my husband, had to concentrate on the road instead of the scenery, so we found the Tauck tour much better.
    We have taken quite a few of the Tauck US tours over the years and have enjoyed all of them. I’m so glad it sounds as if you did not encounter the only sub par TD we have had, because the Tauck first timers on the tour were very put off touring with Tauck because of him.

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