Are the Restaurant fully staff and serving has they did before the Corvid event? I am looking at going 2022 with 8 of us.

We went on the Cowboy tour this year - food serve was very poor.


  • We were in Alaska earlier this month on an independent trip and stayed in two of the hotels on this tour. I think they may have been a little short-staffed, like most places, but we had good service at both the Captain Cook and Alyeska. Food quality was also quite good.

  • Two Hotels - I am concerned about is the restaurant at the The Alyeska and the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge -
    We went on the "Cowboy Tour" this year - and the staffing and food was not very good. Any body traveling on this tour this year have any comments?

  • I assume the Cowboy tour is in the parks, not renowned for good restaurants. If there are no, what you describe as good restaurants available, Tauck can’t take you to them. I’ve still not been to Alaska, so have no idea about food there. ‘Good restaurant and food’ are very subjective anyway. What someone thinks of as good, another may call average or unacceptable. For me, hygienically prepared food is priority and low salt content. It can be simple and hopefully tasty. I’d like lots of a availability of fresh fruit too, we also don’t care for nothing but pizza and burgers, but all this comes way secondary to the scenes and sites.

  • Our Alyeska dinner and breakfast a couple of weeks ago was really good and service was fine. Can’t speak toThe Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge as we stayed elsewhere. But hey, you’re on vacation in a beautiful area so even if food service is mediocre, you’re way ahead.

  • I was in Alaska a couple of years ago on another company's tour (because Tauck no longer offered their land-only tour). Visited Talkeetna (didn't stay there). It's a tiny, quaint town, supposedly the inspiration for the TV show Northern Exposure. I wouldn't expect anything above and beyond there, but you may be surprised. After all, the Greenbriar is in West Virginia :-)

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