Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand, February 11, 2022

Anyone booked on this trip? I know the 2023 dates are out. Wondering whether Feb 2022 is realistic or should I just reschedule now.


  • Voikk - it's a personal and tough decision. We really wanted to go to VCT in 2022 but after reading that Vietnam is currently closed to travelers and that there are concerns even about the fantastic hotels being open we've decided to wait another year for it all to shake out. Also keep in mind that as folks cancel 2022 trips and/or Tauck cancels some trips many Taucktorians will move to 2023 to get the more desirable dates. With that in mind we've booked a February 2023 date two weeks ago.

  • It sure is, Virgina_Travelers. I know the prudent thing to do but I just don't want to do it. The February 2023 date is what I'm looking at as well and since I'm a solo traveler, the spots fill up even faster.

  • We just watched a great show on the Smithsonian channel called "Mighty Trains". Season 4 episode 6 shows the Reunification Train Journey from Hanoi to Saigon. For those interested in this trip it shows the great country scenes, the cities, and some of the stops on the Tauck tour like Hue and Da Nang. The episode also shows the train speeding thru the middle of a small town with only a few feet separating it from the houses. Incredible!

  • Thank you for the suggestion. I'm going to check that out. I did the overnight Orient Express and the Belmond dinner train in Peru. Both were so much fun and the food was outstanding. I'd love to do all the trains but they are so expensive and as a solo traveler even more so.

  • I’m booked in March 2022. I’m so weary of all the cancellations, etc. China 2020 cancelled and Tauck isn’t running the trip in 2022 so I booked VCT.

  • We loved this's a great time to go and you will really love the visits to these countries. The Four Seasons hotel in Chang Mai was outstanding...loved the march of the workers in the afternoon...everything about the trip was so great. Enjoy! We've spent this season of staying home without international travel to relive, review, and remember all of our photo books of these great Tauck adventures...but now so ready to use those passports again. We have to wait until mid April to go to France but it will be worth it!

  • 109 days and still on the schedule. Also showing availability but not for singles. I decided to let it ride and not reschedule for 2023 but wondering how realistic it is to think that February 2022 is a go. Next month it will be 2 years since my last travel, not counting the week I spent with my daughter at her house in PA and the 2 days we spent in Ocean City, Maryland this August. Really itching to go somewhere and would love smaller crowds for the places on this trip.

  • Vietnam is so strict, I can’t see it opening up in time. We took the Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos tour, but now we want to take this tour in the future. A shame they dropped Laos, it was our favorite of the three.
    Good for you for not Re-scheduling, because if it does go, you will love it!

  • This was our last trip just before the world closed down.Ours was the last Tauck trip that ended in 3/2020.The Tauck tour that followed us was canceled after they had people in Hanoi!We had the best time not knowing what followed us in the time interval of a few days.Thinking back all I can say is we were very lucky to get back to US just in time : 3/10/20.I am very hesitant to undertake any foreign travel in spite of full vaccination and booster because I have very low tolerance for disruptions because of positive tests,flight changes ,possible quarantine etc.Besides VCT is half a world away.The way things are I am not sure in 3 months there will be dramatic changes.If you can wait May that will be the safest.

  • I'm aware of how strict Vietnam is which is why I'm surprised Tauck hasn't already cancelled first quarter 2022 trips for VCT as they did for ANZ and India. I keep wondering if they know something that the rest of us don't. Personally I don't see this trip happening but hope springs eternal.

  • Oh BTW Chiang Mai 4 seasons was entirely occupied by our tour!

  • That is one the places I'm really looking forward to. Thanks.

  • Absolutely a wonderful itinerary...even if you have to wait a year to go...don't miss it! Three fascinating countries with wonderful people and places!

  • Wow! That's quite an itinerary.

  • So I was just informed by Delta, that Korean Airlines has cancelled the flight from Inchon to Hanoi in March. I’m waiting for Taichung to cancel the first quarter trips. Maybe I should just cancel on my own!

  • Auto correct changed Tauck to Taichung!

  • Did you see this Tauck update this morning

    Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand: Unfortunately, we are currently unable to operate our tours to Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand due to current entry restrictions and operational challenges. As a result, we have had to cancel all tours through August 31, 2022. For all guests departing September 2022 or later, we will notify you before your final payment is due to confirm the status of your tour

  • I saw it yesterday but wasn't able to log in to this forum and there was no log-on button on the main Tauck website either. I just logged in to my account and it is showing that my trip is leaving in 95 days, 7 hours, and 17 minutes. No notification from them as yet that it's been cancelled.

  • I was just notified that my trip was cancelled! March 5 tour!

  • I'm still waiting to be notified for my Feb 11 departure. My account says my trip starts in 94 days and my final balance is due December 13. I don't think so!
    Shelley Fleet--do you book direct with Tauck or use a travel agent?

  • Notification of cancellation just came through!

  • Looks like tours are canceled thru 8/22 per most recent Tauck update.

  • Voikk32– I use a travel agent!

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