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I started a discussion about understanding the cancellation policy clearly. Just wanted to make sure I read the info on Tauck's website correctly. My post has been deleted stating that I didn’t have permission to do that. What’s up with that? Thanks, Cynthia


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    Lee, very strange! I was the first to post a response. Did you have a chance to read it? If you still have questions, send me a PM and I will try to reconstruct what I posted. While your questions and my answers covered policy they weren't a discussion or judgements about the policies themselves, so were not a violation forum policies.

    It appears that Tauck IT is working on the forums- two of the 3 closed (locked to additional posts) and "sitcky" (always stay at the top of the discussion list) threads posted by Tauck IT admins were also deleted sometime today. Both were about COVID procedures and trip availability, but have been out of date for awhile now. Tauck Admins were the only ones able to delete them. We'll see if Tauck IT provides any explanation about why your post/thread was deleted- I sent an email and PM to them.

  • Yes, I read it earlier and didn’t have time to comment at that time. So, I was coming back on the forum to respond to you when I noticed it was gone and that I didn’t have permission. Oh well, thanks for all the info, Cynthia

  • Hello leedvd and Alan,

    We are in the process of updating our Travel updates from 2021 to 2022. We will be posting new information shortly.

    @leedvd - We saw your question and will be in contact with you

    Tauck Emily

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