Botswana, South Africa and Zambia May 21, 2022-Who's all going!

Carol and I will be arriving a few days early any one on this trips


  • gary_rossen Hi.
    Happy to hear you are going soon, would love to hear about your experience. I'm going Sept. 10th, 2022, cannot wait.
    Have a lovely week.

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    We enjoyed the Royal Livingston a lot. I think you are near the end of the wet season so Victoria Falls should be raging. And the Okavango should be ‘wet’. I think you have chosen a good time to go.

  • Sealord HI. Amazing picture of the falls. I'm going next Sept. so I'm not expecting to see that much water...:(
    I do have a quick question, do you think a 70-200 lens is to much lens for this trip? I'm debating because of the weight , whether to take it or to take a smaller camera & Iphone.
    Please advise. Have a lovely day.

  • You will often be close to the animals, but sometimes not so close. I have a 75-300 on my camera which I bought after our second safari when I had a 55-250 zoom. Do you ‘need’ it? No. But I liked being able to get the longer shots. This shot taken by my wife did not need it … the lion was only a few feet away … I was on the other side of the vehicle. (;-)

  • Thanks... it is a tough decision , specially when you like to take pictures, I guess it's better to take it than regret it.
    I love your lion pic.
    Thanks for the info.

  • mil, Like you, I really debated carrying my DSLR and 70-300 zoom lens because it's so heavy. In the end, I am so happy that I brought it to South Africa I got some really nice photos with my iphone, but as you know you can only do so much with them. If you have the equipment you must enjoy taking pictures and this is the perfect opportunity! (I have always been perfectly happy just using my iphone camera in Europe.) As others have mentioned, the animals are often close, but sometimes not. I bought a backpack specifically for camera equipment which made it much easier for me to carry. Sometimes I used it in Capetown, but left the pack on the bus when I didn't think I needed it. When you're on safari, you are sitting in the truck most of the time and there should be plenty of room to set the camera down. I pretty much only used the one zoom lens, although I had two others with me and didn't bring a tripod. I also didn't carry a laptop, so was only able to download once I got home. Obviously a personal decision, but if you're into photography, I'd take!

  • milmil
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    JohnS Hi.Thank you so much for your moral support :))
    First, I have to say your pictures are incredible! and YES! I totally agree, the quality of any DSLR photo is much better- the downside is the weight, but I'm willing to suffer.... :) not every day we have the opportunity to see animals free in the wild- and being themselves.
    I will get some arm compressions and I'll wear them so I've better support.

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