Optional Monument Valley flight seeing and land tour

Wondering if anyone has taken this optional tour. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thinking if the day would be too full or not by adding this 4 hour excursion or if it is totally worth it.


  • I have done this optional tour twice, once on Canyonlands and second on Bridges, it is well worth it. Monument Valley is impressive. I do not remember it as making the day too full. I would highly recommend going there.
  • If you are a fan of the classic western movies it is well worth it. The Canyonlands tour includes a shorter fly over of the Lake Powell area. The optional tour includes this flyover plus a visit to Monument Valley and only adds about three hours. Once there, a Native American guide will take you on a driving tour of the valley with several stops for photo ops. The views are awesome.
  • Do not miss the opportunity
  • I totally agree with everyone above re the Monument Valley tour. As I live in Las Vegas, I took a local (not Tauck) tour a few years ago which included Lake Powell and Monument Valley. I was definitely impressed. I do remember the native guide using a 4 wheel vehicle to get around and the "roads" there then could be bumpy with of plenty of dust, but it really did feel like one was in the "real old West," so I can really imagine what it might have been like then for the movie makers there years ago to get around to shoot their movies. Definitely put it on your list of things/sights to see whenever one is in the area there. :-)
  • Just finished our Canyonlands tour June 10, 2019 AMAZING! We did opt for the Monument Valley tour. Definitely worth the time and additional cost. The flight was amazing. Out tour on and off the small tour bus was very informative and comfortable. Some truly amazing sites!

  • Can you tell me if this excursion uses a helicopter or plane? Thanks, Kathy

  • Yes plane, we are taking the Bridges tour next year and have paid to take the flight once again with our family.

  • We booked this trip about a month ago. We couldn't add the option (for any date) and were advised to let the TD know of our interest. We are really hoping we can make this happen.

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    That’s strange, the past trip, we had to ask in advance and pay the extra. Same for the tour we have booked for next year.. just a few months ago. I would enquire again incase the agent has given you incorrect information

  • Great idea- thanks. I will check again.

  • The tour has one plane that does the Monument Valley excursion (there's a count and weigh limitation). If you only booked last month, it's probable that all of the spaces are taken. While someone may cancel at the last minute or they are under the weight limit, you may be able to get a seat that day. On our tour a family of four wanted to add the option but because of count and weight only two of them could do so.

    Even if you do not get to go on that option, there is a flightseeing included that gives you a smaller view of the area.

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