Kenya eVisa Application

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I am doing the eVisa application for Kenya and it asks for the road we are using to enter Kenya as we flyback to Arusha and travel over land. I cannot find it in the docs. Anyone know? It doesn't look as though it's an airport strip but maybe it is and I just missed it in the docs.

It was a long slog but application submitted and payment accepted so I think I'm good now.

They don't make it easy.


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    Are you trying to apply too early?
    Don’t worry, SeaLord should be able to help, he was just there. How about sending him a PM, he is more likely to notice

  • I think I've got it now. I just closed everything down and restarted and all seems to be taking information without difficulty now. Am a little less than 2 months out so don't think I'm too early in applying but thank you British for your good attention to this. Clearly I'm way too early for the health form which I won't do now until October right before departure to get QR code.

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