June 10 Amsterdam to Basel

We are going on our first river boat trip ever for our 50th wedding anniversary, Amsterdam to Basel on June 10. Any one have any handy tips on packing, how much actual cash to bring, dressy clothes etc? Appreciate any help or tips.


  • For packing tips - go to google and type in "packing hacks" and you'll get a ton of recommendations and ideas.

    Re amount of cash to bring - none to not much. You won't need any until you want to buy a snack or souvenir - all tipping of your driver, luggage handlers, etc is taken care of by Tauck and cash can't be used on the ship for anything. Bring an ATM card - preferably one with a VISA or Mastercard logo. Also bring at least one credit card - again VISA or Mastercard. After you get to your ship (or hotel if there is a precruise stay) go find an ATM (the Tauck staff on board can help you locate one). A 100 euros should be plenty to start with. Credit cards can be used for most purchases.

    I'm attaching a link to Rick Steves travel website with a discussion of money in Europe. Plenty of other useful tips on his site regarding travel in Europe. Be sure to read his tips on Thefts/Scams. https://www.ricksteves.com/travel-tips/money.

    On dressy clothes, this topic has been exhaustively covered on almost all the river cruise threads multiple times. Unless a cruise as some super special dinner planned they are all pretty much the same dress code wise. Read thru those older threads as well as the entire "Before You Go" section for your cruise. Tons of info there - weather, packing, ship amenities, etc etc.

    Hope you have a great anniversary.
  • I did this trip last year didn't need many euros just for quick purchases and tips for the staff on boat, the young man who always had fresh water and Diet Coke in my fridge, this was not mandatory.
    Don't over pack a nice pair of black pants and a few nice shirts. You can always hand wash on boat or use the laundry service. The free lotion, shampoos on the boat are also great.
    The hotel in Amsterdam was really beautiful relax in the lobby for a cocktail and snack.
    Enjoy your trip and make sure your cruise director knows it is your anniversary .
  • Thank you all who answered. It is always good to get information from someone who's been there. I will check out the web sights you suggested.
  • As Catsoos said, tips on board the ship are not required but you certainly can. I usually pack a few blank Thank You note cards just in case - especially if you have a very attentive room attendant. Funnily enough you frequently meet them in the evening passing out happy hour appetizers.

    I noticed so much more about how the ship operates on our second cruise. I also did a better job of noting down any employees who particularly stood out to mention in the end of cruise critique sheet.

    And yeah, your basic black dress slacks, a few nice tops and an evening wrap (cool up on the sun deck in the late afternoon/evening) should take care of your needs. I saw more dresses/skirts on our summer cruise than on the one we took in the fall.
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