Wi-Fi Availability on the MS Savor

We are booked on the Sept 14 to 25, 2017, trip on the MS Savor. I note that Wi-Fi is "available". Is there a charge for this capability and if so, what are they. Also what kind of speed and availability is there?


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    edited March 2017
    All Tauck tours give you access to free wifi. Sometimes, if everyone is downloading photos and things like that, it can really slow things down. If you wake in the middle of the night or choose less popular times, that can often be the best time to use the Internet
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    There is free wifi on all Tauck river cruise ships. The speed can vary depending on where the ship is currently located and how many other passengers are logged on. Example, right after a group gets back from a daily tour they tend to log on to check email. It is fast enough to check email, some web surfing and I've known people who skyped. It can't handle large up or down loads - things like trying to upload all the photos you took that day to a cloud acct or streaming a video. The front desk crew will likely warn you not to attempt these and may even lock out your access if you're hogging bandwidth.

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