June 21 2017 Family safari

Our family of six (3 boys ages 21, 19 &17 plus 1 girl age 9) will be on the June 21 safari adventure. We are curious to know the ages of other children also on the trip. We are from Canada.


  • We are an multigenerational group of 6 - 2 grandparents, 2 parents and 2 kids - boys 15 & 13. We are from Massachusetts.
  • We are a family of four. Two grandparents from Colorado and a daughter and grandson (age 12) from Mississippi. We will be on the June 21 Bridges trip to Tanzania.
  • I will be taking my 15 year old granddaughter on this trip June 2018. Wondering about the weather, what the teenagers were wearing both for game drives and dinners. Any information would be much appreciated.
  • I have been on two of the Safari tours with Tauck that include Tanzania, which remains my favorite African country of the 7 I have visited. Please read the Before You Go section on the page of your tour on the website. Here you will find weather, clothing and other facts you will find useful. There is one weather point that Tauck does not make clear and that is that it can get very cold at night and early each morning, so take layers you can peel off when the sun comes up. Wearing clothing with long sleeves and long pants eliminates the need to go through so much sunscreen and insect repellent. There is no need for any dress up clothes at all and anyway sometimes there is no time to change when you get back from a late afternoon game drive, you just go straight to dinner. And in some lodges you need to be escorted back and forth to your room when it is dark. I so look forward to be able to take my grandchildren on to Bridges Safari tour as soon as they are old enough.
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    Also, read the archives of the Tanzania: Family Safari, Tanzania to Zanzibar, and Kenya & Tanzania forums.

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