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We are traveling on the Sept. 3rd departure. Does anyone know if there is an Argos close to the hotel ? I will need to buy a hair appliance for use on the trip.


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    If you google Argos store in Edinburgh you will find there is. Maybe you can figure out the distance. But you could also try Boots the chemist, these stores are easily found all over Great Britain, far more numerous than Argos. All but the smallest branch should have a range of hair appliances, I assume you want a hair curler or flat iron. Google shows there is a store on Princes Street, is that near your hotel?
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    Yup, Google is your friend.

    The nearest Argos at at 11-15 North Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1SB, UK about a mile from your hotel. Walk or take the excellent Lothian bus system.

    The closest Boots is .6 mile away on Princes St. - a short nice walk through the old St. Cuthberts church yard and cemetery and the park running along Princes St.

    If you arrive mid-late morning, either a day early or even the day of the welcome dinner, to help with jet lag for exercise and to stay awake, walk it and tour a little of Edinburgh- it is a great city. Go to Boots first and if they don't have what you need continue along Princes St. past the Sir Walter Scott monument, turn on North Bridge St. to Argos. Then walk a bit down (east on) or return to the hotel via the Royal Mile. Check it all out on Google Maps, there are some great things to see along your route. Kill three birds with one stone- get what you need, see a little of Edinburgh, and fight jet lag. The whole time you will be in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle so don't forget to take your camera- many opportunities to get different views of the castle and other sights.

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