SB Dec 3 cruise - Basel Question

After the cruise, we will fly back from Zurich but not until the following day. My thought was to see Basel on foot between disembarkation at 9:00 am until later in the afternoon when we would transfer to the Zurich airport hotel for our flight out the next morning. My question is if there is a place to store our luggage while walking around Basel so as to not drag it with us everywhere? Any ideas would be appreciated.


  • Hi, my wife and i are taking the rhine christmas cruise nov 25 2018. We have traveled elsewhere in europe and most train stations have 'left luggage' lockers. You can google the basel station and see if they off them. I read the area around the station is safe unlike in some other cities. hope this helps. Dan
  • How are you planning to get to Zurich? The Basel train station does have luggage lockers. You may be able to get Tauck to transfer you to the train station instead of an airport transfer. From there you can get a tram to other parts of the town. THe city has a great tram network. The hotel gave us a free tram card but no one ever asked to see it or for money.

    You might also ask the ship to store it if the next cruise doesn't get underway that night. They'll want it out of your room but may store elsewhere.

    Two things to consider. Where Tauck docks isn't very close to any of the sights so you'll need to take a cab or public transport. The ships TD or CD can probably help you with that.

    Second, there isn't a whole lot to see in Basel. We stayed 2 extra nights at the end of our Rhine cruise. The red Rathaus is interesting, a kinectic sculpture garden (Tinguely-Brunnen) and a cathedral. Those 3 are fairly close together. Not much else really. Basel is more of a business conference town. We only stayed to give us time to go to another Swiss town that has family connections for me.

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