Baden-Baden 2017

We will be on the Rhine Christmas Market Cruise startling Dec. 3. It appears we have free afternoon in Baden-Baden Would like to go to a spa. Ant recommendations or cautions. We saw one of the Rick Steves programs on
Germany which included a segment on going to a spa in Baden-Baden, so know we need to be aware that some are sans clothes. Would like to find find where that is not the case.


  • On the Tauck Rhine/Moselle cruise on the day in Baden Baden we were given the option to remain in town after the walking tour and go to a spa. There were two options given: The opulent, Roman-style Friedrichsbad (nude) was built between 1869-1877 or the Caracalla was built in 1985; bathing suits are required. This was not included in the price of the tour. The town is small and everything is pretty much within easy walking.

  • We will also be on the Dec. 3 sailing of the Christmas Markets Cruise. Nine years ago we stayed in Baden Baden and visited one of the spas with our daughter who was 10 at the time (it must have been the Caracalla?). We all wore suits. It was a very enjoyable time trying all the pools of varying temperatures. There is also an area, upstairs if I remember correctly, that is adults only and nude. Everyone is very calm and well behaved at the spa, even children; there is no running about or shouting, like you might find in the states. We all came out extremely relaxed from the waters.
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    Gwen, thank you very much for the info. It is much appreciated. Look forward to meeting you on tour.
  • Claudia, thank you very much for your reply. The info you provided is very helpful.

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