basel docking

hello, my wife and I are taking the Nov 25 NB Rhine christmas market cruise and looking forward to it. We are spending saturday (24th) in Basel near the train station.

where exactly does Tauck dock in Basel? We need to figure out how we will get from hotel to the ship. thank you in advance


  • We did the Rhine a few years ago with Tauck and I have a general idea where the ship was but did some checking. Per the actual port/address is Hochbergerstrasse 160 Basel CH-4019 Switzerland. I googled the address and that's pretty much where I remember we were at - on the right bank of the river sort of NW of the city center.

    Basel actually has multiple train stations so that doesn't tell me much. There's a swiss station, a german one, etc.

    However, I'd recommend you call Tauck about this. Family members who joined us on a Seine cruise last year got to Paris a few days early and stayed in an Airbnb. Tauck was willing to pick them up at one of the train stations even though that wasn't listed as an option in the itinerary.

    [If you are staying in Tauck's precruise hotel, they'll pick you up at the airport and then again at the hotel. One of the perks of paying the higher price and staying at their hotel choice. ]

    If you do have to take a cab, it shouldn't be too hard (could be pricey as Switzerland is expensive). Basel is fairly easy to get around.

  • Thank ou Claudia for the information!

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