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  • When will the details of this trip be posted?
  • We are travelling on the Great Migration that begins August 18th. So excited!! Looking forward to meeting our fellow travellers.

  • SandiJN, I hope you will take the time to write a review when you return. We are booked on this trip in January and I would love to read your impressions and recommendations.

  • Would also like to read a review. I just don’t know how the migration can be predicted unless it entails covering a lot of ground to find the animals. Either way, this is a very expensive trip compared to all the other Safari ones for what you get and I don’t think it’s worth it. We have seen plenty of animals on all safaris and some small ‘river crossings’ where the animals are so skittish getting into the water because of the waiting crocs. I’m also assuming there’s a much bigger chance of tsetse flies during the migration and more dust.

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    After reading the literature, looking at the map, and reading about mobile camps and providers of this type of tour, it appears there are numerous "mobile camps" operating under the name, "Legendary Serengeti Mobile Camp" which appear to be operated by several companies. The Tauck tour info says your camp is "Set up in three different locations in the Serengeti during different times of the year." I can't tell for sure, but the camp at this link and this link might be the one since they reference 3 locations and the picture of the lighted dining area matches Tauck's. After two days at Ngorongoro Crater you will fly to one of them that is close to one of the main bodies of the migration. If the tour is during a transition month or the weather has been different during the previous months, you may or may not know which camp or where it is located until you arrive at Ngorongoro or until you actually get there. I also suspect none of the camps are located too far from the nearest dirt airstrip. Also, it is not hard to imagine that a lot of driving might be required- you will be chasing a moving target that is not following any set path.

    FYI, if you look at the route map you see you fly from the mobile camp to Kisumu a major city (3rd largest in Kenya) on the shores of Lake Victoria. The reason for that is because you can't just drive or fly directly from Tanzania to the next camp in the Masai Mara in Kenya, you must enter Kenya at an official port of entry where there is an immigration and customs station like in Kisumu.

  • Sounds like that is why it is so expensive.

  • In the trip itinerary it says for the 3 days at the mobile camp in the Serengeti you have a private safari vehicle. This is also why it is expensive

  • I am not sure what that means, All the safari vehicles on Tauck’s tours I would class as private, meaning no more than six people. We commonly had just four people in vehicles.

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    It means each tent has its own private driver and vehicle. You don't share with anyone else. At least that's how I understood it. On the itinerary for those days if you click on the name of the camp, it's in the hotel's description. Both of our Africa tours were full. Each safari car had 6 people. Maybe someone who's taken this tour can clarify.

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