Currency vs Credit Cards on Swiss trip

Hi. My husband and I will be joining the July 8th Switzerland: Europe's Crown Jewel trip. I am assuming we can use our credit card for most purchases, but I'm having trouble deciding how much we should bring in Swiss francs for incidentals--any suggestions? Does Royal Plaza Montreaux cash U.S. travelers checks? Thanks for any info you can provide. Marianne


  • Nobody uses travelers checks anymore. There are ATMs everywhere. Just bring your debit card.

    I recommend reading the entire section on "Travel Tips: Money" on Rick Steves website. Very useful info.

    Also some general advice about cards in Europe that you don't often get told.

    If possible, don't both your and your husband carry the same cards with the same acct numbers. If one of you gets your wallet stolen and you have to cancel the cards, you won't have anything to use for the rest of the tour. This happened to a family member at the start of a tour. Thankfully, their debit cards had different numbers so her's would still work at ATMs but they couldn't charge anything for the rest of the tour.

    Write down the emergency phone numbers for your card holders in your green tour documents book or photo copy the backs of your cards and keep that separate from your purse or wallet. That way you'll have the info available if needed.

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    Yup, forget Travelers Checks. Also, don't rely on AMEX cards. VISA or MC are accepted everywhere but not AMEX. Get your cash from an ATM at the airport or in town, you'll get better rates than at money exchanges and it is easier than at a bank. Use debit or credit card- if your bank card charges a fee, it is "budget dust" compared to what you are paying for the trip, heck budget dust compared to just about anything you'll buy in Switzerland! : )
  • Thanks Claudia and Alan. We typically travel in 3rd world countries where they are still happy receiving U.S.$, but I know in Europe that's not the case. We haven't been to Europe in a couple decades, so your info was very helpful.
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