Blue Danube Family Riverboat adventure July 7, 2018 Eastbound

Our extended family (6 adults and 4 grandchildren ages 15, 13, 12,11) ( two boys, two girls) from Illinois and Indiana will be on this trip. Wondering if other similar age children will be aboard. Looking forward to our trip.


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    Call Tauck and ask. Very few passengers actually participate in the forum. Tauck will be able to you a breakdown of this without names.
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    On the family river boat trips it is obvious it will attract other similar aged children, the boats carry over a hundred people. Once you find out the information, how will it influence you?
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    British, I asked the same question about our westbound trip in June. At least from my perspective, it adds to the anticipation and excitement to think about my kids potentially making new friends and having someone other than their boring annoying sibling to hang out with. :)
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    edited June 2018
    We are taking our 12 year old grandson with us. We have taken 3 previous multigenerational trips with our grandchildren at about this 12-14 year old age. Each has met several his/her their age and each enjoyed the trip tremendously. None were bored, and we loved experiencing the adventure with them. Hope to see you on this 2018 trip!
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    We also have a group of 10. My parents are taking my sister's family and mine. We have two boys aged 12 & 10. My sister has two girls aged 6 & 4. We are from southern California. Looking forward to the trip!
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    Curious. How many rooms for that gang? Do you put an adult and a child in each room, or how do you work it?
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    Three suites. Nana and Pop get one. The grandkids are in suites with their parents.

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