Images From BCR, July 2018

Just finishing up BCR tomorrow.

Thought some of you might like a prelude if you are planning on taking this tour:



  • As a fellow photo dork, I really appreciate seeing your work. Thanks for sharing!
  • Your images are phenomenal!! You have an eye for an excellent photo, and, obviously, the equipment to make them outstanding!! Hope you are doing something more with them other than saving them in a folder...print, frame, sell, etc. , etc. .
  • Gorgeous!
  • Thanks to all of you. I appreciate the comments -- it keeps me working on improving my technique. But . . . it's just all in fun, makes traveling a lot more fun. After awhile, you begin to SEE differently -- it begins to occur to you how the camera sees and how you can optimize that.

    But, besides composition and light, what's important is to figure out when to press the shutter -- when does the frame have the most emotional impact, and what can you do to get that impact (e.g. move yourself up, down, right, left -- zoom in, zoom out -- get the right lip and facial expression).

    I've included a couple of new images -- the RCMP was giving us a talk on his 40 or so years with the force. So the problem was capturing the right expression, lighting, etc. while he was speaking.

    So, those are some hints on how you might improve your own skills.


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