Jeeps and Accommadations

Taking Tanzania - Zanzabar in Aug and wanted to know about the jeeps used during the game drives. Do they have covered top or are they open top? Hate hats and hope I don't need one. Would walking shorts be good to wear or only long slacks?

Also, the "tented" camps are the bathrooms enclosed totally or are they open at the top. Took a Tauck tour to Botswana and one camp had an open top in the bathroom.


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    I have been on the Botswana tour and don’t recall any open top bathrooms, there were additional outside showers but I don’t recall it being the only option.
    When we took the K and T tour a long time ago there were two types of vehicle, some pop up tops with a cover over and some where two areas of the roof came off so no cover.
    You have been to Africa before, so must have some idea what to expect, you can look at pictures here on the forum where Alan S has posted safari vehicles.
    Regarding hats and shorts, I think a hat is necessary to protect you from the harsh equatorial sun. We always wear hats whenever we spend more than just a little time outside, I guess that’s why we look much younger than we actually are. I do not recommend wearing shorts, first the areas are at high elevation and it will be cold at the start of the early morning safaris. Then long pants help protect you from mosquito bites and any tsetse flies you might encounter. It also mean you will save yourself having to spray all that toxic deet on more parts of your body and you will require less sunscreen.
    The K and T experience is totally different to the Botswana area one.
  • We took this tour last year and it was wonderful. The bathrooms at the Kirawiria Tented Camp are completely enclosed. I agree with British on the subject of hats and long pants. We also wore long sleeve shirts to minimize the sunblock and insect repellent routine you go through whenever you go out. Have a great trip.
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    I haven't taken the Tanzania; Serengeti to Zanzibar tour, but as far as vehicles, they are probably the same as K&T- same outfitter (It used to be Assilia, but may have changed.) The vehicles in Kenya on K&T were all modified (stretch) Toyotas with pop up hard tops with sliding, solid glass side windows. Some have a small forward hatch above the driver/front passenger seat.




    Clothes - what British said.

    I believe only the showers at one camp might have open tops, but you can google it and see for yourself.
  • A correction on my previous post which was in the wee small hours, I have been on the Tanzania, Zanzibar tour four years ago, all the safari vehicles on that one had tops that come off, there was no canopy overhead to protect you. These are in fact my favorite type of safari viewing vehicle.
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