Breakfast before the morning safaris?

Hi All,

Two Quick questions:

1) Does anyone know (or remember) how early breakfast is served, and what time the morning game drives (or other activities) usually start? In other words, how much time in between? Without going into too much detail, I need time between breakfast and leaving to look after "business"... lol

2)Is there coffee making facilities in all the rooms (except Kalahari)? I thought I read somewhere that they bring you coffee with your wake up call at one of them...?


10 days before we leave!



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    The times vary a bit, but they don’t dally about. In most cases in Botswana it was up at 6:00, breakfast at 6:30, depart at 7:00. Where the rooms don’t have coffee, they bring it with the wakeup ... usually a French press arrangement. The TD will give you a booklet with the schedule, and daily briefings will provide any changes, and all TD’s don’t run exactly the same schedule. Unless you live nearby, your day is going to be upside down anyway, so your normal habits will be somewhat out the window. When your body thinks it is breakfast time you will likely be having dinner. Carry ‘paper’ in your backpack.

    The touring before, and after, the Botswana Safari, has a more relaxed schedule. The animals, however, are not on a relaxed schedule.
  • Dawn,

    First of all have a GREAT time!!!! Except for Cape Town unless you said you didn't want it, you had coffee delivered to your room every morning at 6 or 6:30. Breakfast would start a half hour later and breakfast would be a half hour to forty-five minutes. Sometimes we had to order our hot breakfast the night before. I was on a different "schedule" than my wife. So I didn't have caffeine or anything significant to eat until the mid morning drive break. Perhaps this is normal on this trip, but even with 22 travelers we never had anyone late for any game drive or tour.
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    That seems like an odd number ... 22. Did you use four safari vehicles, or did someone ride on the roof?

    (I know ... 22 is an even number.)
  • We actually had a single, a triple, and then a last minute couple added. In addition we had a TD that was learning the B,SA&Z trip from the TD you know that started this tour. So yes, we had four safari vehicles and three planes within Botswana.
  • Thanks everyone! I think I'll just bring some ginger cookies to have with my morning coffee and eat when I get back!

    I hope to have a great time, really looking forward to this tour, even if it is more intense than I thought!
  • Dawn, it’s only a couple of years since I took this tour, so I am not certain, but I am sure it is like most of the safaris we have taken and that you do not have breakfast until you return to camp. Instead you get hot drinks and a few snacks before going out because it is so early. Fortunately that suits me since I have breakfast late at home around 9-30am because I exercise first.
    The nurse in me will tell you that your ‘big business’ will likely be out of wack the first few days because of the time differences and it takes your body several days to adjust. In that department the body is also able to postpone it’s usual habit, which of course is not good but very useful at times. But don’t worry, if you need to go just tell the driver you need to check the tires and no one cares.
    You might also want to check whether carrying extra food in your tent is recommended as in some areas it can attract wildlife of any description like bugs and monkeys, that has certainly been the case in some locations we have been.
  • British, with all due respect I just went in May, as I stated above, we were offered a full breakfast first thing in the morning before we went out on the drives, and then provided a snack and drinks during the break in the morning.
  • Good morning,
    I agree with taxare, we took this tour last September. It was a phenomenal tour. We were awakened each morning with french press coffee and biscuits around 0600. We were told breakfast would be served at 0630 and we generally left for our first safari around 0715. I'm sure depending on the time of the tour, because of sunlight, this may be adjusted.
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    Ok guys, you obviously have a better memory than me, but I just asked Mr B, who thinks the same as me though life is too short for him to be bothered with travel forums. Especially in the Kalahari, it was very hot and the sooner out and back the better, and of course the earlier you go out, the more chance of seeing the predators at work. A full breakfast for me would definitely mean a checking the tires stop. Either way, yes, this is a wonderful tour. I’d like to try it in another season
    I am traveling at the moment but just found one reference on my Notes on my iPad to times. It was for the Meerkats day where I mention we set off at 6-15am
  • Hi British,
    You are correct about the Meerkat day. We set out early so we would be there when they woke and came out. We had breakfast in the bush that morning. It was awesome.
  • Hi everyone!

    (TMI ahead!)

    On the Elegant Tour, we had coffee & muffins before the morning safari (of which I did not partake), a coffee stop along the way, and breakfast when we returned, which suited me just fine!

    As far as snacks in the room, I have them in a plastic sealed container in my suitcase unless I am using them. Never had a problem before, but I will check with the safari camps.

    Because of my condition, when I eat, I have to take care of business 30-45 minutes afterwards, so that is why I asked. It doesn't matter that my body will be on a different schedule, as it matters only when I eat. I found the same when I was on the Elegant tour in February.

    So I guess I will miss breakfast on the safari days unless I can get there and shovel down some food and go before the safari starts! Not something I want to risk!

    I will talk to the TD when the tour starts, and explain the situation, although i don't expect special treatment.

    Thanks so much!
  • Dawn, I would indeed talk to the Tour Director at the start of your tour and I am almost positive they would provide you with an earlier breakfast. If they do, let us know!
  • DawnC28 wrote:
    Hi everyone!

    . . . . .

    I will talk to the TD when the tour starts, and explain the situation, although i don't expect special treatment.

    Thanks so much!

    Probably the best course of action. Tauck is usually very accommodating and I'm sure, if breakfast is served before a game drive, arrangements can be made to set aside something for you to eat when you return.
  • AlanS wrote:
    Probably the best course of action. Tauck is usually very accommodating and I'm sure, if breakfast is served before a game drive, arrangements can be made to set aside something for you to eat when you return.

    Ah, but when I get back, there will be lunch and some free time, so I will be able to indulge!

    Thanks everyone, I always talk to the TD before the tour, to let them know of my limitations. It didn't at all affect me or the tour the last time, but this one is a little more intense, and so is my condition! The TD was really awesome on our last tour, and I didn't have to worry about a thing! I will assume the same for any Tauck trip!

    5 more sleeps!
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