England, Scotland, Wales June 1, 2018 departure

Does anyone remember the name of the Former Member of Parliament that we met at dinner on June 11, 2018 at the British Academy in London?


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    edited August 2018
    Willliam D wrote:
    Does anyone remember the name of the Former Member of Parliament that we met at dinner on June 11, 2018 at the British Academy in London?

    Could it have been Patrick Nichols? According to Mike Henderson's England, Scotland, Wales blog
    at this link Nichols addressed their 13-26 May 2018 E,S,W tour. Sorry about the text and frames running over-
    it is one of the dangers of posting photos wider than 640 px. You can use the
    slide bar at the bottom of the page to see text on the right side of the screen.

    Here are two photos of Nichols from Mike's blog:


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    I think he's the same one that spoke to our group last year. And as Mike Henderson said, he never shut up. No opportunity to ask a question. We ate at Carlton House where the food was excellent.
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    Thanks for the plug for the blog. Judy and I have taken several Tauck tours and I've blogged each one. So if you're planning to take a tauck tour and want to see what it entails, check our blog and see if we took that one in the past.


    I'll comment that we feel that Tauck does the best job of handling a tour. I like that they send you a text saying *exactly* where they're going to meet you at the airport, and they always make sure you get to the airport at the end of the tour on time. While the sights you see are similar to what you might get on another tour, the other things, especially the hotels and restaurants, are top of the line. Staying at the Savoy on the England tour was a real treat - something we'd probably never do if we were traveling alone.

    Mike Henderson
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    Mike I enjoyed your blogs of Best of Ireland (we were in a small group start the week after your tour) and England, Scotland Wales last year tacked onto a Seine Plus Versaille London river cruise.

    It was fun to relive our experiences in your photos and note how different things looked depending on the weather. You got some great shots.

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    Yes, thanks Mike.

    E,S,W was our first Tauck tour in 2013
    so it still ranks as one of our top favorites. Our itinerary
    was a bit different, but included many of the same places, so though
    I have my own photos, it was nice to relive the tour through
    your eyes. We met Penelope but her son Rory filled in
    for his Dad, but didn't have the pleasure of meeting Mr. Nichols.

    Again, folks sorry for the messed up screens.
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    Yes, Patrick Nichols - that is his photo. Thanks very much for responding.

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