Treasures of the Mediterranean South 9/6/2020

Never too early to start planning. Just booked this trip from the ‘wishlist’. No price or itinerary yet. We just made a deposit and chose a stateroom. Three couples in our group all on the Antigua deck.


  • Le Ponant is being reconfigured to accommodate only 30 guests, so our stateroom assignments have changed a bit. The Antigua deck will now be home to the “Owner’s Suite”. It is still available for our trip. All the others are taken.

  • Wow, only 30 guests!?!?

    How is your knee? I go under the knife next Tuesday.

  • Good luck to you ALAN. I know Sealord has mentioned he’s doing good.

  • The knee is good thank you. Three more PT sessions and I’m on the loose. Walking a couple miles each day.

  • I just talked with Ponant. I was curious about why there are no trips published for Le Ponant on their website. They said that after renovation, the boat will be doing some trips for ‘past guests’ until October, and then it will probably become ‘charter’ only. There are six in our group, so we will now be 20% of the ship. Funny.

  • Wow, did you luck out!

  • She said the charter only would include Tauck. Our trip is a full boat charter.

  • No quitters on this one yet. All the trips are ‘sold out’.

  • Ah Sealord, I think you could be wrong. Tauck cancelled one of our tours later in the year entirely for lack of participation and re-scheduled is to another date. It says sold out for that date. Same with someone else we know was going on another date for the same tour and they re-scheduled her too. All the dates say sold out but the tour was not selling well.

  • You may be right, but this trip has actually been sold out since before it was ever published except for the ‘owner’s suite’, which took a little longer to sell. I actually had reserved room #1 which later ... after renovation, became the number of the owner’s suite. It was a little pricey for me.

  • Speaking of cabins, anyone check out the 2021 Jordan & Egypt Small Group cabins on the website- in one place they are listed as category A, B, C, D, (which, to make things more confusing, except for cabin D5, the categories don't match up with the decks where the cabins are located which are also designated as Deck A, B, C, D- e.g. cabin D3 on Deck D is a Category C cabin, cabin C3 on deck C is a Category B cabin, etc.). However, in another place the cabins are listed as Category 1, 2, 3, 4!! One of the smaller cabins is more expensive that the cabins of the same size on another deck- I guess the premium is because of the deck and the fact it is next to a cabin suite. In any case it didn't make sense to me so I had to call Tauck. And, oh, by the way, it didn't take too long to get through.

    It should be interesting to see what comes out of today's big meeting.

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    The 9/6/2020 Treasures of the Med Southbound has canceled. Actually, Ponant canceled. The ship, Le Ponant will not be operating. It was under renovation in Genoa, Italy. I had called Tauck because my air was all screwed up. They said, no problem, you’re not going. (;-) We had already done a backup for the trip in 2021.

  • Well, It is now called “The Treasures of the Mediterranean Isles”, but it is about to launch. I have beeen advised that our driver is waiting for us in Marseille. Our friends who traveled to the Danube, and Russia, and Portugal and Spain, will meet us in Munich, and we all travel together to Marseille. British, no post card from Arusha, but we didn’t miss by much. This will be our second trip in less than a month … the travell explosion is happening, and we are in the middle of it. (;-)

  • Sealord, have you seen about the fires in the South of France?

    France wildfire: Thousands evacuated as blaze rages near Riviera

  • Should anyone have free time in Marseille, I suggest the Musée Regards de Provence. Excellent regional art museum. I have fond memories of my last pre-pandemic travel, a leisurely visit to Marseille and Aix-en-Provence in Jan-Feb 2020. Wonder why this cruise has only the one August sailing this year.

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    Marketart,,could it be that there is a Pandemic?

  • edited August 2021

    But October would likely have better weather? I see May & October are on for next year. True to my name, I found Moroccan bisteeya at Marché de Noialles, Marseille's North African market. Getting nostalgic thinking about it...

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