Can I Leave a Tote Bag on the Tour Bus?

Heading to Classic Italy October 8th. Can I leave a tote bag on the tour bus? Or is that just being too trust worthy? In the leather tote would be rain protection, water bottle, the "just in case" necessities. Can I expect to find my leather tote on the bus when I return?


  • Yes, you are allowed to keep things on the bus, the driver either stays with the bus or it gets locked up. There has never been a problem with anything missing from a bus on any Tauck tour I have been on. That’s unlike my one experience with OAT travel where I asked about leaving my bag on the bus with the driver still on it. Our tour guide said, oh NO do not leave any valuables on the bus, which meant to me, don’t trust the driver, that’s awful.
  • Been in 5 Tauck coach tours and on everyone we were allowed to leave bags on the bus.
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