Packing for trip Classic Italy small group

I am getting things ready for our trip, if you have taken this trip will I need a sports coat ?


  • This question has been discussed and debated many times. The simple answer is no, you do not "need" a sports coat and by extension a tie either. It depends on you, and is not a requirement of Tauck or any of the places you visit or dine with Tauck.

    Should you take one? - depends. Some men on your tour will likely wear a sports coat to the welcome and farewell dinners, but many will not. Some will wear a nice or dress shirt, with or without a tie. Some will just wear a collared casual shirt. How is that for a non-answer? : )

    Go with whatever you are comfortable wearing.
  • It is not uncommon for my friend Alan and I to differ. But, I would suggest you go to your trip’s website and click on “Before You Go”, and look at ‘What to pack’. It is not ‘required’ for your trip, but Tauck does ‘recommend’ at least bringing a jacket, and they list ‘jacket and tie’ optional. But they point out that in fine Italian restaurants the men normally wear a jacket. It of course depends on your ‘comfort’ level. But, if I were to do this trip, I would have jacket and tie.
  • We were just on this trip. A few men wore a jacket to the receptions, no one wore a tie. Do whatever makes you feel most comfortable.
  • Been on Tauck trips. Land and river. I did bring a sport coat and tie the first time. Not necessary at all. Your spending a lot of money on your vacation. enjoy
  • As said, do whatever makes you comfortable. In Africa no one wore a jacket ever. We have done the Blue Danube river trip, and the Baltic and St. Petersburg small ship trips. I’m not clever enough to post pictures here, but at the evening “events” I have photos that show 90% of the men wore jackets, and most wore ties. If you are comfortable being one of the few that comes casual, by all means be comfortable.
  • We have been on many Tauck tours and my husband has never taken a jacket and he is by no means not the only one. Many men don’t even wear a dress shirt, never mind a jacket. On the other hand, if you are about to go, it could be pretty cool in Italy by now, so you might need one for warmth in the evening.

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