Extra Day in Cape town- suggestions for a tour

We will be coming in a day early to Cape town. Does anyone have a suggestion for a reputable tour guide or company to take us somewhere not see withthe Tauck tour. I am not sure we feel too safe touring areas in Cape Town on our own.



  • Stacie. We did a private one day tour to the wine lands. If that suits your interest, please reply and I'll give you the details.
  • Stacie. I'll be busy over the next few days so here are two ideas and we did both of them. 1. We visited several townships with a non-profit called Uthando. uthandosa.org and the contacts are James or Xolani. It was an exceptional experience to connect with locals and the fee supports the NP. 2. We spent an entire day Ulungele Tours in wine country. Hank Daries is the contact at ulungeletours.co.sa and it was another outstanding experience. Ed
  • While those tours looked great, anyone aware of a half day tour to the wineries from Cape Town?

    Also, are electrical converters and or adapters required in South Africa?
  • We did a full day and that allowed us to visit four wineries and have lunch. Check the reference in our earlier post to see if they can help you or suggest another company. You will need adapters for your devices that need to be charged at many of the locations, so get yourself a few. This was one of the best Tauck trips we have been on. Enjoy!
  • Just spoke to someone at Tauck reservations and she mentioned that a tour of Robbin Island is no longer included. Something about the boat ride over is often cancelled because of the unpredictability of the waters, so she suggested doing that tour, if that's of interest. My husband and I are on the July 13th trip, but we are taking a pre-safari safari in Pilanesburg National Park outside of Jo'burg and we arrive there on the 7th. We wanted more safari days and another couple is joining us. We did Tanzania many many years ago.

  • Robben Island. I had heard, I think from Tauck that the reason they no longer go apart from weather was that the ferry company now requires passport details of everyone and Tauck was not comfortable giving out that information. I suggest checking if you want to book the tour independently. When we took the tour, Robben island was included and it was a highlight for us. The Kirken... gardens were not, so we spent a very pleasant few hours there on our own pre tour, using the complimentary free BWW shuttle from the Cape Grace hotel. The other thing we did was visit the Christian Barnard museum, we still talk about that, it was wonderful. Back then the ticket included picking you up from your hotel, so it is s a good deal
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    I hadn't hear about the passport issue however we were on the last Tauck Tour to go to Robbin Island. The issue as we understood it was the reliability/safety of the passenger boats. In fact, within a few days after our trip one of the boats became disabled and they had to perform an emergency rescue of all of the passengers. The waters can be unpredictable too and the combination was way too much for Tauck to risk.
  • We did this tour in August and arrived a day early. It’s fabulous. The concierge at the Cape Grace is excellent. Recommend you rely on them for help with any activities you want to schedule. I’ve stayed at some wonderful hotels and the CG is one of the best. The V&A shopping area is adjacent to the hotel. Among other things, it contains a large area of up scale African crafts. The best place on the tour for this type of thing although I also found some nice things at Sabi Sabi and good souvenirs for the kids at Johannesburg airport. The V&A area contains a mall, restaurants, a Ferris wheel for a great view. We had a wonderful lunch at a restaurant there recommended by the concierge. Also took a helicopter tour they arranged. Views were spectacular. We were very fortunate to have wonderful weather the entire tour. This is a tour that gets better as it progresses and it starts off at a very high level in Cape Town. Only disappointment was Johannesburg except for the Mandela Museum which was a great experience. Enjoy!
  • Highly recommend the Christian Barnard museum!
  • We took two different private tours. One was to Robben's Island and another was to hike Lion's head mountain which I captured in my daily blog trip report.

  • We were comfortable with the hop on/hop off bus. We went to the gardens (although I believe the Tauck tour now includes them), had lunch at a restaurant on the beach, and visited another beautiful beach area. That bus also stopped at a winery. There were two different bus routes, which can be reviewed online.

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