Shanghai Jewish Sights Tour

I am a participant in the April 2019 trip to China. And I have contacted a private tour company in Shanghai that has come well recommended for its tour of the Jewish sights. They may be able to offer a tour for four hours on either April 18 or 19 when we have free time on the schedule. If you are interested, please reply.


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    Beryl, I’m going on this trip in May and would like the name of your Tour company for a Jewish Shanghai tour, if it is possible! TIA

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    We took the China tour in October. The local guide took those who were interested on a Jewish sites tour . She does this every trip, there is no need to book a separate private tour. Those who took the tour witH her were very happy.

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    I took this tour in 2017. Our local guide did not offer such a tour. A group of us got together and booked this tour: http://www.shanghai-jews.com/1.htm He did a great job. If you search on the name Dvir, you'll find several old threads mentioing his tour.

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    We did this tour in summer of 2018. With respect to Shanghai and the Jewish experience during wartime, when many took refuge in Shanghai, our local guide, Fun Fun, was able to give us a private guided tour at the local Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum, so you need not look for another external guide as some in this forum have done. Fun Fun was well versed in all things Jewish related - she has been to Israel herself, even making sure we stopped to look at a Ketubah in Mandarin and Hebrew. Our tour guide, Larry, arranged it with Fun Fun for us at the beginning of the tour. I don't remember the price, but remember it being fair. Payment was with Chinese or local currency, whichever we preferred. We were very satisfied with the experience.

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