Cruise Review - May 30-13 Jun - part 1



  • Joyce - LOL re your husband and the ATM. The bottles are definitely high end just not real useful for taking off the ship.
    British, glad you're enjoying your cruise. Each of our cruises has had its own pace and feel. The one week on the Rhone felt like we were constantly on the go but others have been more leisurely. Was sort of dreading the planned all day cruising on this cruise that we ended up not having since they used that day to take us to Rothenberg and get us back on schedule.

  • Claudia Sails July 15 Yes, if British can't get it this summer please do. Be ready to dress warm on the Rhine in Oct - but hope for better. We got mostly cool, overcast and rain for a fair amount of that cruise. Virtually every shot of me is wearing my red/black Lands End coat. The colors were gorgeous though.

    My trip starts October 27, so I think we will be too late for color. So funny, because when I did the Christmas Markets on the Rhine in 2015, we all brought really warm clothes and didn't use any of them. It was unusually warm and all we got was some rain. It was much colder on my Danube Christmas Markets trip last year. I guess I'll bring a little of both. Especially for the Jungfrau.

    I'll try to get you the recipe. If you end up with two copies, better than none!

  • Claudia, I noticed what must have been your French dressing on the boat at the end of the tour when I was standing in line for the food. I meant to ask about it and so sorry to say I forgot. It looked like a thin white color dressing, I didn’t try any dressings while I was there. I’m not usually so unreliable, must have been the wine.

  • Oh well. Maybe Travel crazy can get it. Otherwise I guess I could contact Scylla directly.
    They do at good job at picking wines though run is more my downfall. Just be the Navy training.

  • Thanks for the great review. Laughed at your Kaffee comment, almost deadly. We had it on a Rhine cruise, I loved it and have been kicking myself daily for not buying some of the cups, I bought the Rudisheim (sp) brandy. Anyway we booked the ams-Budapest Tauck cruise and am really looking forward to it. This time I’ll buy the cups! Question maybe can’t answer, since you spent several days in both Budapest and Amsterdam, is it a fair question to ask which did you enjoy the most?

  • I could certainly use some of the Kaffee today as I'm fighting a summer cold. I noticed the cups got less expensive the closer we got to the river and away from the bier garden where we had lunch.

    It's a fair question but like most places there are pluses and minuses. It was our second time in Amsterdam so we had a clearer idea of the place, how to get around and what we wanted to see. The city is fairly flat, public transport is easy, no problem not speaking the language, several good museums, windmills to visit and I love the canals/architecture. It's drawbacks are it's very crowded, and especially near the central area, full of bars, cigarette smokers and gets a bit trashy. The big culprits are the tourists. And of course, you really have to constantly watch that you aren't in a bike lane or crosswalk at the wrong moment. Budapest is a completely different city with the most varied architecture of any european city we've been to. Do a little reading on that before you go. The only place that felt a little overcrowded was at Fishermans bastion and the Mathias church. Price wise it's a very reasonable city - much less expensive hotel and restaurant prices. If you haven't finalized your plans I'd recommend extra days there. There are plenty of things to see and the public transport is good. I'd go again since there was a lot we didn't get to. Hope this helps.

  • I enjoyed Amsterdam more, it’s such a hip city, but Budapest does come a close second.

  • Claudia said "At least once a day one of us wanted to leave the room while the other was still there but our cards were in the slot. If you pull it out it leaves the other in the dark."

    There are two slots, at least there were on the Savor this spring. If you put both keys in the slots when you take one the lights don't go out.

    Of course that doesn't work as well if you use the leather case, but I couldn't see the value of that so didn't use it.

  • We used Claudia’s tip in our cabin. Our keys stayed in our pockets all the time so that we never forget to take them out with us, especially when we were leaving the cabin individually. When we left the room together, we took the old card out and left it there to put in the slot on our return. We used the key cases as we found that the key was less likely to be misplaced that way and my husband often just did the site seeing with that and a credit card in the other side of the case. There was no need to remove the key card to exit ship, the electronic reader worked through the leather key case. Nice useful souvenir to bring home too. We were given very nice leather luggage tags by the crew for our wedding anniversary while on board.

  • I kept my card in a slot on my cell phone case. My old case was showing some wear so I bought a new case and a pack of 5 silicon sleeves for a few bucks on Amazon. They came in different colors and just stuck one on the back of the old case. That's the only thing I took to meals or hanging out on the ship. Didn't need to remove it to activate the scanner they use getting on/off the ship. When we got home I just put my new case on since I didn't need the pocket.

    Never noticed there was room for both keys in the slot.

  • Yep Rüdesheim kaffee, love it, bought a bottle of the brandy, still in my cabinet unopened..hmmm...I’ve been kicking myself for not buying the cups, I’ll get some next year. Greta review Claudia.

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