Any advice?

We are looking at the cruise/land tour of Japan for 2020 (Cruising the Land of the Rising Sun). Has anyone done this? Any tips or advice would be appreciated.


  • We did this tour in 2017. I am not sure about what kinds of tips you are looking for? I wrote a pretty comprehensive review (you might be able to find it in the archives) in which I expressed my dissatisfaction with the organization of four groups within the tour. I was especially concerned as they were planning to increase the groups to six the following year. I think they have implemented a number of changes in the touring (choosing particular excursions, better organization at entire group meals and activities, etc.) that have improved that part of the trip. With that said, I loved the itinerary and found the culture absolutely fascinating (Japan is the cleanest country I have ever visited, by far). At that time the trip began in Kyoto and did not include Nara, so we went a few days early and toured Nara on our own. I would suggest going a few days early (we are also in California, but jet lag gets us every time), and booking a hotel in Kyoto to tour some of the sights there not included in the formal tour. You can send me a PM (envelope in upper right corner next to the star) if you have some specific questions.

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    . . . . I wrote a pretty comprehensive review (you might be able to find it in the archives) . . . .

    I believe this link will take you to Joyce's main thread. There may be others.

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