September 4 Reflection

We are booked on MS Joy for the Danube Reflections tour on September 4th. Does anyone have any information on water levels and comments or suggestions?


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    You cannot gain anything from water levels so soon boefore the trip, , anything could happen in the next couple of months. Tauck is known for having plan B and C ready to go with any situation.

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    Like British said, it's impossible to tell now and even if it's low it might not affect your cruise. The river cruise ships need very little to get underway. Having just come back from their Budapest to Amsterdam cruise which was impacted by a lock being put out of commission by a Viking ship, I can say they do a great job of minimizing problems. We were held up in one place for 2 days,had a couple of longer than normal bus rides and had to make a ship swap, but ultimately saw all our planned itinerary plus several extras. And when we returned received a $500 voucher each for the inconvenience. Yep, I've already booked a trip to apply it to.

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