Autumn along the Rhine...Munich's October Fest 09/24-10/03 2019

Just got an email from Tauck requesting our sizes for Octoberfest. They are providing lederhosen and dirndl for the event. Amazing! I don't know if we Americans can pull that off.Always a terrific trip in every respect with Tauck. Can't wait to go and enjoy.


  • Not sure if this is a selling point of not. The thought of pictures of me in a dirndl are fairly appalling. Heavy quantities of beer needed.

  • 😀🤪😂😱

  • I decided to just add a size to my regular. With all the food and beer on the way to Munich, I am sure I will be a size larger. LOL.

  • Ok, I'm glad to see we are all thinking alike. Sounds like it will be fun time.

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